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Swemac Reusable Instruments

Reprocessing & Inspection Instructions

Motec Wrist System

Motec® Wrist

Motec® Wrist Radius
Hemi Prosthesis

Motec® Wrist

Bridge Basal Thumb Joint Prosthesis System

Bridge® Basal Thumb Joint Prosthesis

Swemac Femoral Neck Fracture System (FNF)

Hansson Pin® 2

Hansson Pinloc® 2


Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

Hansson Pin System

Hansson Pin® System

Swemac Trochanteric Hip Fracture System (THF)

Hansson Twin Hook®

With Swemac Hip Plate

Hansson Twin Hook®

With Twin Hook Locking Plate

Swemac CHS

Lag Screw with Swemac Hip Plate

Hansson Dynamic Cephalomedullary Nail System (HDCN)

Hansson DC Nail System®

Obsolete Systems


Euloc® Fixation System

Medoff® Sliding Plate System